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54, Vasileos Constantinou, Erimoudes Court, 1st Floor, 3075, Limassol, Cyprus
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P.O Box 51433, Postal Code 3505, Limassol, Cyprus
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Buyer's Guide

EU Citizens

For non-Cypriots, the process of purchasing a property in Cyprus is very simple and easy one, especially when compared to other countries.


1. EU citizens who are permanent citizens in Cyprus are permitted to get hold of any amount of property in Cyprus without receiving any permit and without submitting the application form to buy any permanent property.

2.  EU citizens with permanent or temporary permits can register as many properties as they wish on their name, once they have signed a confirmation form with the government of Cyprus that they will stay in the country for the following five years.


3.  EU citizens who are not residents in Cyprus require an approval from the Council of Ministers.

4.  Legal entities established in EU countries that have their headquarters and registered office in Cyprus, do not require any permission to buy any immovable property.

5.  Legal entities established in Cyprus and controlled by citizens of the EU, require permission to buy immovable property in Cyprus, as well as any other legal entities.


All citizens of the EU enjoy their full rights and privileges as EU citizens here in Cyprus, including the right to establish residency, buy property, work or open a business. They just have to complete an application form at the immigration office for formality purposes, and they automatically receive residential permit.



NON-EU CItizens


Non-EU citizens are entitled to freehold ownership of properties, while offshore entities may buy premises for their business or as a residence for their foreign employees. Permission to buy property must be sought from the Council of Ministers by written application, submitted by the purchaser after the agreement is signed. This permission is granted more or less as a matter of course to all bona fide purchasers. In the meantime, however, purchasers may take possession of their property without restriction. The application to the Council of Ministers to acquire immovable property in Cyprus can be made within a reasonable amount of time after signing the contract of sale. It is unusual for the Council of Ministers to refuse permission to bona fide EU citizens and other foreign nationals.


For non-EU citizens the procedure to follow is very easy. The applicant needs to submit an application and provide proof that he and his family are self-supported. The following documents that must accompany the application:

1. A copy of the sale / rental agreement
2. Copies of pension / retirement income
3. Any other document relevant to income
4. Three photos and passport

The application for permanent residence may be submitted to the local immigration office in the area of residence.





Ataleza Developers Delivery Procedure



1. Inspection of the property by the Director and his Technical team 


The Director with his technical team will visit the property and make a final check before delivering the property to its new owner. In case of any problems then our technical team will fix them and proceed with a second inspection by the director to approve the changes.


2. Preparation of any documentation needed 


In the mean time our Marketing and Administration Department will arrange any documents needed to complete the purchase and also any document needed for ay Government Departments like V.A.T Department and Tax Departments. You will also receive a full detailed description on how to connect all city services like electricity, telephone and water to your property. Our Customer’s Care officers will be ready to receive your call in case of any further explanations needed.


3. Financial Settlements


The Accounting Department will prepare a final settlement report of the client’s account and arrange a meeting with our client to deliver the report and settle the account. The account should be settled in order to proceed with any application on V.A.T returns or Subsidies the client has from the Government.


4. Inspecting the property with the client.


Our After Sale’s team members will explain all the delivery procedures and details to our clients before the delivery day by several informational documents and oral explanations.  According to our client’s schedule, we define the Delivery date of the property. The property will be cleaned and ready to welcome its new residents.  A welcoming gift will be waiting for you upon your arrival.


5. Signing the Warranty letter


The day everyone expected has finally arrived!! The delivery day!! Upon completing the inspection with the client and he is fully satisfied we proceed with signing the Warranty Agreement and the Delivery Form. A set of keys will be given to the client with a form saying how many keys are given and which door each key opens. Now the client is ready to move in to his new property.


6. Snagging List


After 15 days of the delivery a new meeting will be settle with our team to review any problems involving electrical appliances, windows, water, paint etc. In the case were a problem appears, Ataleza Developers Technical Team will make all the necessary course corrections to fix any problems as soon as possible. Every month, for the next six months of your purchase, our Customer Care Officers will give you a call and visit your property if necessary. They will take you through a checklist where you will be able to identify any faults or problems you might have with the property during the first months of moving in. This way we can assure the quality of our properties and make sure everything is in its place. The warranty extends to one year upon delivery date but we are always there to help in future problems that might occur.


7. Snagging List completion


After the completion of the snagging list works our After Sale’s Team will inspect the property with the client and sign the Snagging List Completion Form.


8. One Year Warranty in all properties


Ataleza Developers offers on all clients One Year Warranty of the property as is written in the sales contract agreement. The Warranty is taking place from the day of delivery.


9. Warranty Expiration warning letter.


Our clients will receive a warning letter 2 months before the end of the warranty. With this letter we give the chance to our clients, to make a final check if there is any problem with their property before the warranty ends. We ensure any problem occurs within the warranty period, will be dealt with the soonest possible.


10. Extra charges


In case you feel like you need extra items or change anything in the property that is not included in our selling price, then we will ensure you will receive several quotations by our associates, ensuring you will get the best possible price but always having as a priority the quality of property.

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