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54, Vasileos Constantinou, Erimoudes Court, 1st Floor, 3075, Limassol, Cyprus
Mail Address
P.O Box 51433, Postal Code 3505, Limassol, Cyprus
+357 7000 88 00
+357 7000 88 05
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Our Mission


Our Mission is to Fulfil your Desires!


Desires and wishes are constantly changing. Life moves us all forward to the future, many times not knowing what the future may hold.


When we build homes, we always think about what clients want today, and tomorrow - often before they know it themselves. That's why every Ataleza home is built for the future. We work hard to create a home that you will grow into – stylish and comfortable, well designed and constructed, and great value for money that continues to appreciate. All with superb after-sales support.


Our aim is to make you feel confident that you have made a wise choice in joining the Ataleza family




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