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54, Vasileos Constantinou, Erimoudes Court, 1st Floor, 3075, Limassol, Cyprus
Mail Address
P.O Box 51433, Postal Code 3505, Limassol, Cyprus
+357 7000 88 00
+357 7000 88 05
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About Us


Ataleza Developersis a Property Development Company located in Limassol, Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean Sea in South East Europe at the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa.  It was established in 1979 when Mr. Andreas Athanassiades, the Founder and Managing Director of the company, realised that the demand for housing and property development in Limassol, particularly for the first time homeowner, was growing rapidly. As an active and entrepreneurial spirit he was, he set very high goals from the beginning of his career to help people achieve their dream of home and land ownership and feel secure for their choice! Since then, Ataleza Developers has formulated a brilliant path in Limassol property market and land development where the first basic goals were succeeded!   Over the years, the company has grown from strength to strength, having successfully completed many projects, ranging from single residential units to multiple housing units and from land division developments to commercial buildings.


Ataleza Developers is committed to provide excellent projects and services to its international and local clients whether they are first time homeowners, businessmen or investors looking for value for money and a solid investment. Today, we are in the pleasant position to offer a wide selection of houses, plots, apartments and commercial premises in the best competitive prices at the right place.  We are also proud to present our clients a wide selection of building plots and pieces of land for residential, recreational, commercial and/or industrial purposes. Many people have shown confidence in our company throughout the years establishing us as a trustworthy business entity in Limassol, Cyprus.


Since 2000,Mr. Zachos Athanassiades, the son of the founder of Ataleza, has joined the company and continues the successful route of Ataleza.  Educated in both U.K. and U.S.A. brought innovative techniques into the company.  His forward thinking in use of new building techniques has resulted in considerable savings for our clients in both cost and time. We provide our clients with the expertise to control all phases of the development process from site evaluation, selection and acquisition, through construction and occupancy. Staffed with professionals with extensive experience in development, finance and construction management, our team focuses on completing each project as cost and time effectively as possible, passing the savings to the customer. 


As the owners of a huge portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial, special development and agricultural land titles in multiple locations throughout the district of Limassol, we have a significant competitive advantage that makes us stand above the rest with proud!  At the same time, our constant maintenance of excellent relations with local authorities and central government offices give us the ability to accomplish our business with an effective and precise manner.  Last but not least is our dedication to our team members! They reflect the values that Ataleza Developers encourages: honesty, integrity, professionalism, quality and accuracy! For this, we are employing talented professionals who have graduated from top universities in Europe and in U.S.A. in project management, architecture, civil engineering, and other related fields. All these people along with our team of highly experienced personnel with whom we have established an excellent working relationship have raised our quality control systems.  Likewise, our associated contractors have now worked with us for a good number of years and they have long proved their reliability and dedication to quality workmanship.


After 33 years in Limassol property market, we are proud to say we have succeeded to win the buyer’s confidence and will continue to do so in the future. Nowadays, for all of us in Ataleza Developers, words are not just written or spoken; they are followed by actions. They are what we all believe in and understand to be true. It’s our culture and our team's spirit that makes us stand out above the crowd since 1979. 

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