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54, Vasileos Constantinou, Erimoudes Court, 1st Floor, 3075, Limassol, Cyprus
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P.O Box 51433, Postal Code 3505, Limassol, Cyprus
+357 7000 88 00
+357 7000 88 05
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Ataleza Developers in 2013 stronger than ever..

Ataleza Developers in 2013 finds itself in the best position ever with more than 15 available projects to the general public from residential to commercial buildings all over Limassol district. Even though the crisis struck Cyprus the past few years we stood strong and overcame the difficulties of the property market in Cyprus and instead of sitting back we decide to make a counter attack to the odds by preparing more projects to our public. Our team of experts get stronger and wider by the day, from architects, civil engineers, home automation mechanical engineers, top of the line constructions crews and also excellent relations with our financial institutions like Bank of Cyprus.
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Welcome to our Atalezian Family

Dear Visitors, Thank you for joining us ! Are you ready to explore our new website? After years in the property market we have decided it was time to let everyone know about our company, our mentality and our quality products, that reflects the new image and character of our company.
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Property Transfer Fees

Cyprus Government new measures for helping the Construction Industry , has renewed the law of 0% Transfer fees for another 6 months......
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V.a.t reduced to 5%...

Reduced V.A.T since 1st of October 2011 has been voted by all the Members of Parliament for reducing the V.A.T from 15% to 5% for the purchase of the first residence. The law cover only the residences which the total covered area, inside and outside, are not more that 365 sq. meters. Our company will be happy with your purchase to help you with all the process of claiming the 5% V.A.T. For more information do not hesitate to contact our customer’s service team.
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