Polemidia Special Development Land

We believe the right person with the right connections will make unbelievable profits from developing the land either as a hotel or as a university. The land presents the possibility of developing a university campus similar to Harvard, with  research centres, cafeterias, medical centres etc. This is feasible, since we have 5 separate title deeds, all with registered roads that will be completed within the year in accordance with government regulations.


There are already many UK Universities and other foreign-owned  establishments in Cyprus, and more will follow. One example is the extensive Dr. Zampoglou Medical Research Centre in Asgata, Limassol and another is a Qatari investment company that is looking to invest in a 7* hotel in Nicosia.

Other large-scale projects are due to come on-line in the near future, demonstrating that Cyprus is seen as an excellent investment location – and with the new petro-gas developments in the area, Cyprus looks even more attractive.